About This Blog

You can learn more about the actual author on the main About page – this page is where you can learn more about how this blog was started.

So I have actually been blogging for more than three years. You might think that is a bit strange because this is the only blog on my WP account and it is pretty new. Well, over the river and through the woods I go by a different name and blog about completely different stuff then Fantage. That is where I started blogging and that is where my blogging journey shall end.

Anyway, I discovered gaming blogging through BRD when BV was still around. I created a little blog on Blogger, but that soon died. About a year later Bearville closed. Everyone on the message board was moving to Fantage, so I decided to move there too and start fresh with a completely different blogging base and format.

I was trying to think of a name for the blog. Well, I do love Disney, and I have been to Epcot before so I decided to use the word “Fantasmical”. So here is Fantasmical Fantage. I hope you enjoy the blog and I hope it will stay alive for many years to come. 😀


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