We Narnians Understand Eachother

for the love of edmund


That Moment…


That moment when you realize you are Zelda 😮

For Lots of Stars…

pillow fighter

You will need lots of patience. So just basically play Pillow Fighter in the cabin, and then close it, and it will give you TONS of Stars! Just keep clicking “OK” and then log out and log back in again and check your IDFone! You’ll have lots of stars depending on how long you kept clicking the little window.

Let me know if this works for you. :3

BTW I’m sorry I have not been very active lately I’ll try to be more active. 😀



Summer Camp 2015

Hey guys!

Summer camp is here. :O So here are the pictures I took…

summer camp 3 summer camp 2

summer campI like some of the limited items (which you can go see for yourself) but some others are a little…strange. xD


Have fun at summer camp!



5 Tips for New Fantage Bloggers

Hey guys!

I did this on one of my other blogs and it was a hit so I thought I’d try it here. 😛

1. Post About the Latest Fantage Events 

It’s Fantage. You can’t turn around without them having some event and new clothing for sale. Post about it! Make sure to include pictures.

2. Have A Good Blog Design. 

This is important. More people are likely to read your blog if you have a good blog design, because it will look more professional.

3. Be Friendly! 

Nobody wants to read a blog that posts things like, “HAHAHAHA YOU SUCKERS I HAVE A PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP AND YOU DON’T HAHAHAHA!!”

4. Follow Other Blogs 

Following other blogs is a good way to get people to find your blog! It goes like this:

“Oh she followed my blog let me take a look-see at her’s! Oh her blog is cool I’ll just follow it.” *click*

5. Post Regularly 

Unless you are on break (which is totally understandable) 😉 Post frequently!

That’s it. xD Thanks for reading.



Important Message from Fairycari

I’m really bummed. 😦

Fairy Life

Hey guys

Sooooo, I decided to quit fantage 😦

Fantage just hasn’t been very interesting lately, and all I’ve really done was log on, get the daily attendance thing, go to mymall for like 10 seconds, then log off.
I haven’t even spent a full 5 minutes on continuously for the past few weeks.
(Also, I found this game called Shadowbound, which is an online fighting RPG, and have gotten really addicted to it… 😛 )

So, about this blog, I might change the name of it so something more broad, so I can post about things other than fantage.
The other staff on the blog will still post about random stuff (including fantage) as well

And now, about my fantage account 😀
I currently have 16,325, that I probably will not be using, so I will be giving a small portion away
IDFone 2


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